Photographers - Keywords for Photographers

Keywords are a way of adding information to images, both for internal categorisation and to provide structure to website galleries. You can add keywords in your editing software such as Lightroom, or in DPG after uploading.

You should be provided with a list of keywords to use for your event. Read on to learn more about how keywords work.

Namespaced keywords

Namespaced keywords are used to group together keywords of the same type, such as artists, areas or events.

This example shows an image with artist: and stage: keywords.

Namespaced keyword conventions

Namespaced keywords use this format:

  • The namespace should always be lowercase followed by a colon (:), e.g. artist: or stage:
  • There should be no space before or after the :, e.g. artist:Coldplay not artist : Coldplay
  • The item after the namespace should be written in standard case e.g. day:Saturday
  • Multiple namespaced keywords can be added, separated by a comma

For example, a band called Grey Sheep on the Main Stage would be keyworded as:

artist:Grey Sheep, stage:Main Stage

Keywords are case-sensitive so artist:Lana Del Rey is different from artist:LANA DEL REY. Inconsistent capitalisation will result in duplicate keywords showing up in the gallery.

Simple keywords

You may also have some individual keywords to use, such as People or Atmosphere. These don't have a namespace prefix, but otherwise can be used in the same way and should be separated by commas.

You can include both simple and namespaced keywords in a string separated by a comma:

area:The Secret Garden, Atmosphere, People

Automatic keywords

On the Upload screen you may see that some keywords will be added to your images automatically.

These keywords will pull in information from your image metadata, so you don't need to add it manually.

Photographer credit and copyright information is also automatically pulled from metadata, so you should not create additional keywords for this information.

Adding keywords in Adobe Lightroom

You can add keywords in Lightroom by entering them (separated by a comma) in the Keywording panel before exporting. When uploading your images to DPG, make sure that Get details from image metadata is turned on on the upload screen.

You can also add or remove keywords using the DPG interface.


Double check spelling and copy/paste rather than typing by hand.

✅ artist:Kendrick Lamar

❌ artist:Kendrik Lamarr

The case and spelling should be correct, if you're not sure, check the list provided to you.

✅ artist:Bring Me The Horizon

❌ artist:Bring me the horizn

There is no space between artist: and the name of the artist

✅ artist:Skepta

❌ artist: Skepta

Multiple keywords should be separated by a comma.

✅ artist:Dua Lipa, stage:Main stage

❌ artist:Dua Lipa stage:Main stage

Names with special characters or stylised capitalisation should be entered as such:

✅ artist:BØRNS

❌ artist:Borns

Keywords such as artists, stages, events and areas should always have the correct namespace before them.

✅ event:Hula Hooping Workshop, area:The Barn

❌ Hula Hooping Workshop, The Barn