Photographers - Guide for Photographers

Everything Photographers need to know to get started at an event using DPG.


Your first time using DPG?

DPG is an image management platform used by teams and organisations to power websites for their events. During or after an event, photographers upload their high resolution images into the system, where they are displayed in online galleries, used in-house or distributed to the press.

Account setup

If you're new to DPG:

  • You'll receive an email inviting you to Digital Photo Gallery. Follow the instructions in the email to create your free account. Try uploading and viewing some test images in your account to get familiar with the system.

If you're already a DPG user:

  • Your event contact will need your DPG account email or username to add you to the event account.

As a user, you will have access to upload, view, edit and delete only your own images inside the event account.


You should be uploading full resolution images. We suggest using Adobe Lightroom to edit and process your photos and add keywords, before exporting and uploading to DPG.

Your event contact may give you specific instructions regarding file dimensions and export settings, as well as a list of keywords to use.

You can see our suggested export settings here.


Keywords are a way of adding information to your images, which makes them easier to find via search and groups them together for things like artists or stages. Keywords are also used by DPG to automatically create titles and gallery sections, so it's important to get them right.

There are two ways to keyword your images - inside your image editing software before exporting or within DPG.

Read more:

Before an event

  • Check that your camera time is correct. You should do this before every event, as daylight savings time or travel can easily move the time out of alignment. The correct time is important as it will affect the chronological order of images in the website gallery.

  • Check that your editing software export profiles are not stripping metadata and exporting with the correct settings.

Switching to event account

Go to

Make sure you have access to the event or festival account (top right corner) and switch to it.


Go to the Upload screen

Add your images. Make sure Get details from image metadata is ticked and select your metadata profile from the drop-down menu. Click Upload.

If you have uploads in progress and want to add more images to the queue, add them as normal and click Upload again. Avoid opening multiple tabs or windows to upload at the same time.

Managing your images

Once your images are uploaded, you can review them, add and remove keywords and replace or delete images using the sidebar on the right.