DPG Preparation - Adding users

Each member of your team who will be contributing to your DPG-powered event should have their own login.

Those who already have a DPG account are added using their username, while brand new users can be invited to DPG using their email. Before starting, make sure you have the usernames or emails to hand.

Log in to Accounts

Visit accounts.digitalphotogallery.com and log in to the account of your organisation or event.

Only the master user of the account can add or remove users. Make sure that you are logged in as that user before proceeding.

Select the account to manage

The accounts screen may show several of your accounts, click the cog to manage the relevant account. You will now see the account overview screen.

Adding and inviting users

If the team member already has a DPG account then add them by entering their username or DPG account email under the Add tab.

If the team member needs to sign up for a free DPG account you can issue them an invite under the Invite tab.

You'll see any pending invites on the Pending screen.

The List tab shows all the account users and their roles.

User roles and permissions

Once users have been added to the account you should make sure they have the correct role. There are two options, Users and Admins:

  • Users can see, edit and delete only the images they uploaded themselves.
  • Admins can see, edit and delete any images in the account, as well as edit all other settings including those for websites.

Only trusted members of your team should be made into Admins. An Admin has access to all live websites and can edit and permanently delete content in your account.

Changing user roles

To change a user's role, click the cog icon from the user list view. Choose admin or user from the dropdown and click Update.

It's a good idea to look over the list of users regularly and remove anyone who should not have access to the account.

Removing users

To remove a user, select the account to manage from the accounts screen and click the cog icon. Go to the Users tab and find the user to remove. Click the ✕ icon to remove the user from the account.