Customisation - Switching Templates

In this guide we’ll show you how to migrate your current live site to a new design with zero downtime or disruption to your visitors.

This is useful if you are upgrading from one of our older templates or if you just want to try a new type of design, or even rearrange your content.

Creating the new site

The first step is to create a new website in your account. To do that you should follow this guide.

We refine the site build process on a regular basis, so even if you’ve built a DPG site in the past, it’s a good idea to check out the guide. It’s likely that the process is even easier than the last time!

You can also see a step-by-step video of the site process on this page.

Set up the site basics

Following the above guides, fill out the standard information like your name and tagline.

Copying images

If you have a page like a homepage or a simple gallery with no nested sets, then you can select all of the images in your original set and simply add them to the new set. Images can exist in multiple sets at once in the system.

If you have a gallery with nested sets, make new versions of those sets inside the new site's gallery using the New set panel. Then go through each one and add the images from the old set to the corresponding new set.

If you have a paid account there are additional tools which can help you copy complex set structures.

Copying content

Migrating text on pages is as simple as copying and pasting the text from the text block on each page.

Adding your existing blog

In order to add a blog page you'll need to switch the website Edit mode to Standard using the panel on the right.

Blogs in DPG operate independently of websites, so they can be attached to one or more sites by creating a blog page and then configuring the blog page to display the relevant blog.

Final tweaks

Now that all of your content has been moved across, you can tweak any design elements and add final touches like social icons.

Moving your domain

When you're happy with the new site you can use our move domain tool to switch over the domain.

Removing the old site

It's probably a good idea to keep your old site around for a few days, but once you are sure everything is working great with the new one, you can delete the old version.

Rename the new site

You can optionally rename the new site and sets to make it easier for you to identify in the future.