Basics - Introduction

Get started with DPG by watching the video below. In less than 15 minutes you'll learn how to organise images and create your first website.


When you create your DPG site, you start by choosing a template. Think of the template as the main structure of your site.

Templates have different layouts, page types and ways to display content, but each one supports images, video and animated gifs.

Our templates work across all devices and look great on anything from mobile browsers to 5k displays.

You can use DPG to create all kinds of sites, from portfolios to password-protected client areas. And because DPG allows you to make multiple websites from one account, you can use the best template for the job each time.


These are our current templates:

The Classic Masonry template is perfect for portfolio sites. Image galleries are laid out in masonry columns and you can use sets or pages to organise your work into different projects.

There are two layout configurations to choose from - Sidebar and Top Bar.

Check out some Classic Masonry demo sites here.

Flexible Side Scroll also allows you to choose between Sidebar and Top Bar layouts. Image galleries scroll horizontally and can be arranged into sets and pages.

Check out some Flexible Side Scroll demo sites here.

Modern Narrative is a super versatile template which can be used to create all kinds of sites, from portfolios to client delivery areas. It features a number of different vertical-scrolling gallery options, the most unique of which is the Photo Story page.

Check out some Modern Narrative demo sites here.

Dedicated Blog is a template made especially for blogs. Six different index views allow you to change the appearance of your blog with just one click. Featured posts highlight key content and post templates let you create varied and engaging layouts for posts.

Check out some Modern Narrative demo sites here.

Once you've chosen your template you can use one of the preset themes or customise the layout and design as much as you like.

What can you make?

Explore our website creation help guides to learn more:

Your first website - just getting started with DPG? Here are the basics for creating a new site.

Wedding gallery site - If you shoot weddings or events, you can use DPG to make beautiful galleries for your clients to share with their friends and family.

Client area - you can use DPG as a secure way to store and deliver your high resolution files to clients by creating a site with user logins.

Press site for a brand or event - press sites can be used to display work by a single photographer or team and are ideal for distributing downloadable content to press and media.

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